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Dannah Garay

Dannah Garay was born in México City. She came into contact with Jazz and other genres at a young age. Her father has played the guitar since she was a young girl, and this both influenced and expanded her musical horizon.

Dannah received a scholarship from the Jazzfest Foundation and she represented the foundation on a national and international level for one year. Dannah has sung in the United States, Latin America and on several stages in Mexico. She also took part in a series of inaugural concerts at the Global Jazz Institute of the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

"With her new album My Miracle, Dannah Garay has earned a firm spot as one of Mexico’s best current Jazz singers. Her previous album, From you … to you, a tribute to Nat “King” Cole, caught the attention of national and international critics. In this new production, Dannah surprises us as a composer, showing an exquisite and extraordinary skill of melodic creation, accompanied by superb arrangements courtesy of the great Alejandro Mercado. There is no doubt that this material will further consolidate this young and extremely talented Mexican singer's career".