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  • Dannah Garay is the great Mexican voice of Contemporary Jazz. But she goes beyond this: her masterful and moving interpretation of the classics, as well as her own songs, makes her increasingly universal.”
    Ricardo Rocha
  • “The Jazz genre in Mexico y represented before the world by Dannah Garay’s distinct talent.”
    Jorge Canavati
  • “In “My Miracle”, the remarkable singer Dannah Garay has found her own voice, declaring her love for life with skill and maturity through her songs and endorsing the indescribable passion she feels for the Jazz genre”
    Alex Mercado
  • Dannah Garay is a young virtuoso… in addition to her technique, she sings with passion and refinement [...] The result is both interesting and moving, since she manages to shy away from Jazz stereotypes and she invites us to both reflect on and enjoy her musicality.”
    Germán Palomares