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  • Dannah Garay is a young virtuoso… in addition to her technique, she sings with passion and refinement. Tenacious and determined, she has decided to challenge herself by producing a compact disc of 12 original songs inspired by her own artistic and family-related experiences. The result is both interesting and moving, since she manages to shy away from Jazz stereotypes and she invites us to both reflect on and enjoy her musicality. Dannah is a worthy spokesperson of her generation because aside from being a college graduate, she is an artist by calling and fate. As if this weren't enough, she is also courteous, sweet, generous and beautiful. Her next step should be to show the world that the contemporary Mexican music scene is radically different from what traditional songs try to describe.Dannah can do this… and she is definitely going to.”
    Germán Palomares Oviedo
  • Dannah Garay is the great Mexican voice of Contemporary Jazz. But she goes beyond this: her masterful and moving interpretation of the classics, as well as her own songs, makes her increasingly universal.”
    Ricardo Rocha
  • Dannah Garay mixes beauty and a musical sensitivity... at a syncopated pace.”
    Sergio Sarmiento
  • Dannah Garay is the epitome of a new generation of Mexican women in the arts”.”
  • “The Jazz genre in Mexico y represented before the world by Dannah Garay’s distinct talent”
    Jorge Canavati
  • Dannah Garay Dannah is a singer with enormous talent and charisma that define her as one of the best Mexican Jazz singers. She is a tenacious and determined woman who, thanks to her musical experience, has made great strides in the Jazz music scene. This is so much the case that Dannah's album has been among the top ten best jazz albums in record stores across Mexico for several months now. Her album “From you to you.....Remembering Nat King Cole" has been widely accepted and critically acclaimed.

    With her immense creative potential, Dannah has ventured into the field of lyrical composition and created the beautiful melodies included in her “My Miracle” album, which is lovingly dedicated to her son.

    Because of this, it is a huge privilege for both myself and Radio Anáhuac’s “Arquitectural Jazz” program to count this great artist and exceptional human being as one of our friends. We sincerely wish that Dannah Garay's path, which began some time ago and which we were fortunate enough to form part of, continue”

    M. En Arq. Javier A. Carreón Montoya
    Producer and host of “Architectural Jazz”
    Radio Anáhuac 1670 de AM "Expand your Senses"
  • “Each and every day, having a child or creating music are considered miracles. Thank you, Dannah, for your music, your lyrics and your contributors, and for letting us be a part of this miracle by listening to it.”
    Jorge Urbano
  • “In "My Miracle”, the remarkable singer Dannah Garay has found her own voice, declaring her love for life with skill and maturity through her songs and endorsing the indescribable passion she feels for the Jazz genre”
    Alex Mercado
  • “Your conviction and clarity is very strong. I loved the programming and sound production, as well. I know that there was a great deal of time and huge preparation to get to this to his world-class level. Give my respects to Alex, Gabriel, and my friend, Agustin, for a great job supporting you. I thought the arrangements were extremely clever and they "sparkled," from beginning to the end! BRAVO! I wish you great success with the release of this wonderful product. Years from now when you look back at your accomplishments, you will still be proud of this one, indeed. I am proud of you, as well.”
    Rufus Reid
    Jazz Bassist/Composer